The Jane Bubear Sport Foundation welcomes the opportunity to work with anyone who can partner it in the provision of sports kits to young people.


The Foundation’s projects have included:


  • providing sports kit in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Rwande and Ghana;
  • providing rugby kits for youth teams in Mombasa;
  • providing funding for running competitions in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania and Kenya;
  • supplying schools in Sri Lanka with kit for their netball, cricket, rugby and soccer teams.


JBSF believes that the possibilities for giving communities a real boost through the donation of sports kit and the orgnaisation of local runs are virtually limitless. A few hundred pounds can be enough to provide football kit for a whole school team, so please give generously to enable the Jane Bubear Sport Foundation to extend its reach in 2019 and beyond.


A big thanks to our donors and to those most closely involved in the delivery of these projects:


  • Jon in Sri Lanka
  • The African Bush Camps Foundation and Mr Tembo and Mr Mathe from the Dete schools in Zimbabwe
  • Ace Africa in Kenya
  • Link in Ethiopia
  • Patricia and Amelia for the company secretarial and book keeping in London


A big thank you also to haysmcIntyre for doing our accounts as a pro bono

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